Rabbi Zamir Cohen

I n light of the great awakening among the Jewish people and their burning desire to hear the word of God in areas concerning all aspects of their lives, coupled with the advent of technology in the world of communications, which, despite the great risks that it involves, can also be used as an instrument to spread the light of Torah, as it says: ‘Ze Leumat Ze Asa Elokim’ - Everything that God had created, He created with balance. After receiving the blessing and support of the great leaders of our generation, the Hidabroot organization has revolutionized a new television concept – broadcasting a variety of Jewish channels through a television device that blocks all the other destructive channels that exist today. This initiative caters to the general public and to those who wish to strengthen their religious observance. Many people these days would like to remove the television sets from their homes but seek to fill the void with quality Jewish content that is constructive and empowering. And since there are families on varying religious levels, the channels are varied as well. Even though the channels are all essentially clean, they may still be filtered depending on the person’s level of religious observance and sensitivity. Therefore, this concept was configured in a way in which individuals can choose between the channels they wish to activate on their device and those they wish to block, while making that choice from a large selection of clean channels that have already been endorsed. I now turn to anyone who has a television set in his or her home and ask them to take part in this great effort, remove the destructive content from their homes and replace it with empowering and uplifting content for their own benefit and the benefit of their families. And may it be the will of G-d that in this merit their homes will be blessed with good health and a good livelihood, and may the parents who do this for their children enjoy abundant pleasure from all of their descendants, Amen.

T he kosher TV was created for the purpose of bringing Jewish content that is strictly kosher to every Jewish home that wants to hear the words of G-d and does not want to be exposed to the negative content disapproved of by the great Torah sages of our time. The digital converter is the ultimate solution to all observant families who wish to receive a clean, customized database of thousands of lectures and programs on a Jewish, Torah based platform that is content-rich and of superior quality. This content is constantly updated and perfectly suitable for the needs of the Jewish family. There will be hundreds of programs specifically designed for women that will only be accessible by password. There will also be hundreds of children’s programs based on Jewish values and education as well hundreds of programs that will accompany the Jewish family throughout all stages of its life. In addition, there will be a ‘Beit Midrash’ channel with a unique selection of Torah lectures on various topics.
שינוי גודל פונט