What is the “Tzofia”?

The kosher TV was created for the purpose of bringing Jewish content that is strictly kosher to every Jewish home that wants to hear the words of G-d and does not want to be exposed to the negative content disapproved of by the great Torah sages of our time. The digital converter is the ultimate solution to all observant families who wish to receive a clean, customized database of thousands of lectures and programs on a Jewish, Torah based platform that is content-rich and of superior quality. This content is constantly updated and perfectly suitable for the needs of the Jewish family. There will be hundreds of programs specifically designed for women that will only be accessible by password. There will also be hundreds of children’s programs based on Jewish values and education as well hundreds of programs that will accompany the Jewish family throughout all stages of its life. In addition, there will be a ‘Beit Midrash’ channel with a unique selection of Torah lectures on various topics.

שינוי גודל פונט