Something for everyone… A large selection for channels for the entire family including 5 LIVE channels!

The digital interface is configured in a user-friendly format. On the home page you will find a menu that you may use to select your desired channel using your remote control, some of the options include: “The Children’s Channel”, “The Family Channel”, The Women’s Channel” (this channel is only accessible with a secure password), “The Music Channel”, “Lectures”, “Shows”, and of course, our unique “Beit Midrash” channel. Additionally, there are 2 live channels which include Jewish content suitable for the orthodox population. These channels operate 24 hours a day. All content is streamed into your home in a discrete and secure manner, preventing any unwanted material from entering. For instructions on how to use this system, click here.

The Children’s Channel

Here you will find a wide range of original programs specifically produced with the Jewish child in mind. A double effort has been made with the Children’s Channel to provide clean content, but that’s not all, much emphasis has been placed on producing content that is rich in Jewish values based on the Torah of Moshe and the teachings of our Sages. All content is supervised by a rabbinical committee. This channel includes content produced by ultra-orthodox creators from around the world who are regularly updating and innovating the programs.

> Kindness – Sharing - Unity – Honesty - Loving your Fellow Man – Honoring your Parents - Happiness and Flexibility

The Beit Midrash Channel

The digital Beit Midrash includes thousands of lectures on Jewish law, ethics, Talmud and Mishnah. For the past 6 years, the Hidabrut team has worked on its flagship project called the “Shas Study Program”. This program makes it possible for people to study one page of Gemara per lecture, and thanks to the many Rabbis of Hidabrut who deliver these lectures, each one completes a full tractate of Gemara. This allows the viewer to complete the full Shas by merely watching or listening to these lecture series - this is a true partnership in Torah study.

> Mishna – Gemara – Jewish Law – Ethics – and the complete collection of the Hidabrut lectures.

The Family Channel

By the touch of a button you can dive into hundreds of subjects rich with quality information, all concentrated, for your convenience, within the Family Channel. This channel contains a large variety of programs and lectures that provide answers to almost every issue that would typically arise in family life. With this channel, your family will enjoy a richer, and better quality family life.

> Marital Harmony – Authority of Parents – Dating – Dealing with Teenagers – Marriage Crises – Principles of Child-Raising

The Women’s Channel

In this password protected channel, you will encounter a variety of programs, including shows, lectures, and short presentations all with one common denominator – everything that might interest the Jewish woman. New programs will be added regularly including news and updates on anything feminine that’s worth knowing about.

> Women and the Workplace – Motherhood and Career – the Mitzvot of the Woman – Cooking Shows – and Female Figures in the Torah

The Music Channel

Here you will find a large database of high quality music videos and live performances of top artists from Israel and around the world. You will also be able to customize your own playlist.

> Inspirational Songs about Shabbat – Faith and Trust – Holidays – and Wedding Song

The Nature Channel

This channel includes nature films and fascinating natural phenomena with a large selection of international programs that beautifully depict the wonders of creation.

> The Preservation of Nature on Planet Earth – The Fascinating Behavior of Living Creatures – Strange Natural Phenomena and Natural Disasters – The mysteries of outer space, the galaxies and the planets

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